Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Average Day

Most Days From the time the girls wake up they want to be outside playing. So They haul out half of their stuff and Play. We set the Slip and slid up at the end of the Slide so they can Slide down the slide and then slide across the Slip and Slide. They love it and have so much fun.
Trevor and Tristan Llyod the neighbor boys come over to play with the girls, They either ride bikes or play out back in the water.

Park City

Samantha and Kiley Slept in One Bed and Kandace Slept with me until she fell then I moved her.

Park City

Samantha and Kiley watched TV after getting back to the room and they were hungry so Renae made them some Popcorn. Sam ended up falling asleep with a piece hanging out of her mouth. It was cute!

Park City

Kandace was so tired from the adventurous Day swimming that She Crashed as soon as we got back up to the Room. On the Way to the Room she triped on her towel and skinned up the side of her left Eye. It skabbed over but looks alot better now

Park City

The girls and I went to Park City to Go swimming and shopping with Jared and Renaes Family on Tuesday July 8th. They went up on Saturday and stayed until Wednesday in Renaes Moms Time Share.
The Girls had a ton of fun Swimming. Samantha even was jumping off the edge into the pool and doing tricks.

Before and after my Weight Loss

Here are Before and after Pictures of my Weight Loss. I did too Biggest Losser Compitition with Some Ladies I live by From September to December and then I did one at Work From January to March. I Won both Compitions and Won a Total of $470.00. I Lost a Total of 60lbs and I feel great.


We Went out by Elberta 4 Wheeling and had a Hot Dog Barbeque A couple days after getting our new 4 wheeler. We had a fun time and the kids loved it. It sure was better having two on a wheeler instead of four.

River Rafting in Montana

Three Forks Montana

June 28th, 29th and 30th we Traveled to Three Forks Montana to visit with one of Jons Best Friends Ryan Farr and his Wife Charee and their son Ty. We had a fun time with them Barbequing, relaxing and checking out the ranch. The First night there Charee's cousin and her family came and spent the night as well, so it was a full house for Ryan and Charee. We all had a good time. The Girls had alot of fun playing in Ty's Swimming Pool, Playing with Ty and going on the 4 wheeler. While we were there we went on a River Raft Ride, It was very nice and relaxing. While on the river we saw lots of Pigeons and Pelicans.
I has Charee Trim and Color my hair while we were there, and I had a good time getting to know her better.


We Recently went to Three Forks Montana and These pictures were taken in Island Park on are way to See Ryan and Charee Farr.

Manti Pageant

This Year Jon and I Went to the Manti Pageant with our Girls. It was really Weird going without everyone else, Usually My Family all goes down together and we have alot of fun. We went down to a friends wedding and then to eat at Pepperbellies in Richfield (it is one of our favorite restaurants). We also got to see My Friend Natalie who I worked with at Lins Marketplace. Then we went to Manti to watch the Pageant. We had a lot of fun and the girls even stayed awake the whole time.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gunnison Bend

Saturday June 14 2008 We went out to Gunnison Bend in Delta while Jon was working out there for the State Parks. The Girls had alot of fun playing in the Sand and Water. They Loved making sand castles and just hanging out. Sam Had so much fun that when it was time to go she didn't want to she started crying. They Both were worn out and slept all the way home.